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Tips for Safe Safari Browsing

First make sure that you never do Web Surfing as the Administrator, carry out daily task as a user that does not have administrator privileges.

Consider the Following Settings for Safari

  • Make sure "Open Safe Files" is de-selected in Safari Preferences.

  • Download files only to the Download folder that is in each users home directory.
  • Set Remove Downloads to "When Safari Quits." 
  • Download files only to the Download folder that is in each users home directory.Set Remove Downloads to "When Safari Quits." 
  • Consider not using AutoFill web forms.



  • Make sure that "Block Pop-Up Windows" is on.
  • Disable Java if you do not need it.




  • Block cookies from thrid parties and advertisers, remove cookies on weekly or monthly basies.
  • Limit website access to location services, "Deny without prompting."



  • Turn on "ask websites not to track me." (Note Google will not honor this option.)
  • Turn on "Prevent search engines for providing suggestions.
  • Review and limit your notifications within Safari.

  • Consider using Safari Extension Click To Flash.
  • Consider using Safari Extension Ad Block.
  • Consider using Safari Extention Ghostery.

  • If you did not go looking for it do not install it. 
  • Adobe Flash can only be downloaded from Adobe.com, no place else.
  • Do not install any program from an installer open directly from the Web.

Note: Safari Extensions can be found at here.



  • Never use Safari on a Mac OSX Server.
  • Make sure "Auto Fill" is de-selected for all forms. 


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