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Condition Remains YELLOW

Awareness condition remains at YELLOW due to the password compromise at Gawker Media sites. Please see the previous post below for more information of what should be considered. We are expecting to shift to condition GREEN once the story becomes main stream. Expected time 17:00 GMT or 12:00 EST. 
Orignal Informative Link.


Condition Set YELLOW

Currently 1.3 million passwords, 540,000 with email addresses have been stolen from sites affiliated with Gawker Media. You can check if your password or if any users from your domain passwords have been compromised at this address. At the very least consider the following response.

  • Inform users of the breach and provide them with instructions on how to check their accounts.
  • Remind users that passwords they use within your organization shall not be used for any other sites.

If your organizations domain appears in the table, your organization should also consider the follow response. 

  • If your organization is small consider checking the hashes yourself, force password resets for those users.
  • Force user password resets within your domain.
  • Review Policies related to accessing and using organizations email for personal use. 


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